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Claiming Gifts and Donations

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

CATS4TAX – Tax Tip #5

To claim gifts & donations as a tax deduction, the beneficiary must be a deductible gift recipient.

In order to claim donations, the taxpayer may not get a benefit from the donation eg. Raffle tickets (chance to win something) or an item (eg. Pen on daffodil day – however you could claim the pen under stationery if used for work purposes).

You need to keep a receipt. An end of year receipt is produced by DGR’s covering monthly donations.

Bucket donations – claim up to $10. Keep a diary record (link to diary record)

Workplace giving donations are listed on the employee’s income statement.


You may request that your preparation & lodgement fee be deducted from your refund, rather than paying the lodgement fee upfront. There is an additional administrative fee of $25 for this service.

The following requirements must be met to access this service:

The refund must be sufficient to cover the preparation & lodgement fee.

There must not be an existing debt with the following:

Australian Tax Office, Centrelink, Child Support, HELP where the income level would trigger repayment leaving sufficient funds left to cover the fee.

No prior refunds been applied to a previous debt in the past two years.

As this service requires different authorities, this should be requested prior to the tax return being finalised an signed.


Extended lodgement dates are provided for clients who are on a tax agent’s database prior to 31 October. Taxpayer’s may have until 31 May to lodge their return.

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