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Behind on your Tax?
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CATS4Tax is a Small Business
Tax & Financial Accountant
who Provides a Clear Path Ahead

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Trying to get your Finances right?

Our eBook "Financial Accounting for Small Business" can help you.

The world of numbers and finances has gone digital, especially so during the COVID-19 pandemic. We would have a hard time keeping track of all the financial aspects of a business if we were to still stay with a pen-and-paper format. As a small business owner myself, I have found that being willing to learn and innovate has opened a lot more doors for me.

My work over the years as a Registered Tax Agent (TAX 25591120) and my professional experience in understanding and managing the financial needs of my clients as well as building a trusted relationship with the Tax Office have allowed me to become an important part of my community.

Giving back is how we keep our communities growing and thriving, and I hope my ebook "Financial Accounting for Small Business" can help ease the concerns small business owners may have regarding the intimidating world of numbers and finances in the digital era.

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Small businesses may be dazed and confused by the enormity of their tax procedures. Take heart that CATS4TAX is a registered tax agent (TAX 25591120) ready and willing to take on the burden of leading you through the personal and business taxation maze.

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CATS4TAX is a qualified business financial accountant, XERO Trainer and certified XERO adviser. Besides putting your books in order, managing your payroll and BAS, we ensure that you receive the insights and foresights needed to grow your business.

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We help businesses with an ABN keep on top of their financials, so they have clarity over their business revenue, profits and cash flow situations to make sensible decisions. Yes, CATS4TAX is detailed, astute and creative that way.



Tax process made easy

“I highly recommend Lyndall Ward at CATS4TAX. As a sole-trader, tax compliance is time consuming, difficult to understand and mostly, completely frustrating. After engaging Lyndall, the entire process has been so easy. Lyndall’s service, attention to detail and desire to help businesses is without peer. If you want your business to achieve all its goals and have all the right tax advice and assistance, make the change to CATS4TAX.  It is the best business decision I have made.”

Steven Sams

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