What We Do

CATS Cathie Accounting & Taxation Services

Imagine that your accounts are taken care of, leaving you free to concentrate on your business & freeing up more time for leisure.

At CATS we professionally attend to your accounting issues by providing a fast, knowledgeable and accurate service from bookkeeping, BAS lodgements & tax returns, at a time that suits your needs.

We ensure you receive the deductions you are entitled to and we don’t claim deductions you are not entitled to.

We offer a mobile service and electronic exchange of information.  We conduct telephone consultations, or face to face meetings, to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Our software raises Tax Office (ATO) audit alerts, specific to an individual client, at the time of entry. Based on a taxpayers occupation, gender and taxable income, Tax Audit Alert compares a taxpayer’s work related deductions, against ATO statistics and raises an alert if the taxpayer is claiming above the ATO average (and therefore likely to be audited).

We also carry out Business Benchmarking.  Benchmarks are key financial ratios developed from information provided on activity statements and tax returns that assist in comparing business performance against similar businesses in an industry.  The benchmarks provide guidance on the figures the ATO would normally expect a business in a particular industry to report.

To book an appointment:  0404 483 685