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Why Use A Tax Agent To Process Your Tax Return?

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Lyndall Ward

Completed a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Financial Accounting) at Newcastle University. After working in small accounting firms to international companies, travelling within Australia and overseas, Lyndall started her business in 2017.

What is the advantage of having a Tax Agent?

Make Tax compliance simple

Is Tax time always stressful? Do you search for information, for those faded receipts in a shoe box somewhere?? Are you attempting to compile information at the last minute – it’s all too much. But it doesn’t need to be.

Be organised throughout the year

We prefer to meet our clients to get an understanding of their business, or individual needs, collect information, so we can recommend the best systems to suit them. We can suggest very simple systems, through to cloud-based accounting software, with assistance, training and bookkeeping and lodgement services. Regularly processing transactions in on-line systems keeps information current and assist owners in managing their businesses.

Flexible Appointments

We offer flexible appointment times including weekends to our clients. We meet in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy coffee and getting to know each other. Technology thankfully also allows information to be shared online, for those who prefer to isolate at home.

Ongoing Education

Tax Agents are required to undertake ongoing education, as each year the tax laws change. A client can be sure that their registered tax agent is up to date with the latest developments and only claiming allowable deductions.

The Tax Office has focused on the ‘Work Related Expenses’ of individual taxpayers for several years, as this is an area where overclaiming consistently occurs.

We like to share our knowledge with our clients using social media. We are available to answer your tax questions all year round.

Questions about minimising tax?

There are legal ways to minimise the tax you pay. Some examples are: negatively geared property and salary sacrificing to super. You may wish to discuss your circumstances with your tax agent and financial planner.

Liaising with the Tax Office

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. The Tax Office may amend an Assessment and the taxpayer not understand why. Tax Agents often resolve issues between the Tax Office and the taxpayer. Tax Agents speak to the ATO on a regular basis and have a dedicated number to call.

Some of our clients have had amendments initiated by the tax office that were incorrect, resulting in an unfavourable outcome for the client. We have been able to successfully demonstrate the client’s position and the tax office accepted a more favourable outcome.

We have had much experience in getting fines reversed and refunds issued to the same client.

Extensions to deadlines

The tax season starts 1st July and ends on 31 October. This is the deadline for individual tax returns, including sole traders and partnerships.

If you are a client of a registered tax agent by 31 October, you get an extended deadline of several months.

A business client who needs to submit BAS gets an additional month to do so, as the client of a tax agent.

A taxpayer can assist a tax agent to get the best outcome for them, by keeping business records. As we always say ‘we are accountants, not magicians’.

Your tax agent will be able to find your income by checking your tax account.

Get in touch with CATS4TAX:

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Lyndall Ward, CATS4Tax Business and Tax Accountant


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