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Claiming Self Education Expenses

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

CATS4TAX – Tax Tip #6

You may be eligible to claim a deduction for your expenses directly related to undertaking study which has a sufficient connection to your current employment.

  • The study maintains or improves the specific skills or knowledge you require in your current employment.

  • The study results in or is likely to result in an increase in your income from your current employment.

You cannot claim a self education deduction for a course:

  • Related only in a general way to your current employment or profession.

  • Will enable new employment opportunities.

Claimable Expenses

  • Tuition fees – paid by you and not reimbursed.

  • Computer consumables.

  • Textbooks.

  • Professional or Academic Journals.

  • Stationery.

  • Home office running costs.

  • Internet usage (excluding connection fees).

  • Phone calls.

  • Postage.

  • Student services/amenities fees.

  • Travel costs, car expenses between home and the place of education and between work and education.

  • Depreciation assets.

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